Welcome to TowBoys!

TowBoys has proudly been serving the greater Tulsa area since 2001.   

Towing:  We service the Sand Springs and Tulsa area.

Impound Lot Services For Law Enforcement:

Our impound lot hours are 8 to 5 Monday through Friday.   Please NOTE:   We service during these hours by appointment only with a 30 minute notice.    

After hours fees:   If your vehicle was impounded and you wish to retrieve personal contents or pay to have the vehicle removed from impound, there will be a mininum after hours release fee of $45.00 to cover our 30 minute travel time and the initial 15 minutes we are at the lot.  Each 15 minutes thereafter is only $18.75.


Vehicle Release Information:    1.  Sand Spring s Police-  contact police to get your "pink" release form for them to release it from Police Custody.

2.  All other law enforcement agencies:  State law requires that you show a current registration, or current title along with photo ID and proof of insurance.  


We are CLOSED on Sundays so that we may worship.